The Leading Triple Glazing Window Installers in Harrow

The Window Centre is a leading provider of triple glazed windows in North West London. We moved our headquarters to the borough of Harrow more than 20 years ago, and in the years since, we’ve established ourselves as the go-to installer for windows and doors in the area. If you’re looking for triple glazing window installers in Harrow or Pinner, there’s no better team to turn to.

We’ve been paying close attention to recent developments in window glazing. As more complex versions of glazing became available, we were quick to adopt these practices at our own facility. Today, we’re proud to be the leading triple glazing installers in Pinner, Harrow and the surrounding areas. If you’re in the market for energy efficient window solutions in the borough of Harrow, we’re the only glaziers you need to contact.

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We’re A++ Energy Rated Triple Glazing Window Installers

If you’re looking to upgrade your property with windows that insulate against heat transfer and noise pollution, we can make that happen. The Window Centre has been installing windows and doors in North West London for more than two decades. We were there when double glazing came into fashion, and now we are leaders in triple glazing installation in Harrow, Pinner and the surrounding areas.

The triple glazed windows we install meet an A++ rating, which means that they reduce heat transfer, offer more security and protect your property from noise pollution. These triple glazed windows represent the latest breakthroughs in energy efficiency, because we only offer the best for you.

Double glazed windows with white frame
Exterior windows with white frames

The Benefits of Triple Glazing in Harrow and Pinner

Triple glazing is one of the most energy efficient window options available for residential purposes, and it could reduce your energy bill by up to 40%. However, energy efficiency and a minimised carbon footprint aren’t the only benefits of triple glazing in Pinner and Harrow. Our advanced solutions can modernise your home’s appearance, potentially adding thousands to its value in the process. Moreover, a professional triple glazing installation in Harrow or Pinner will resist heavy impacts, the elements, and corrosion.

At The Window Centre, we’re proud to be the premier triple glazing window installers in Harrow, Pinner and the surrounding areas. Even though we supply and install the most advanced triple glazed windows available, we’re also one of the most competitively priced companies in the region. If you want to modernise your home while bolstering its security, noise resistance, energy efficiency and style, then you should call our triple glazing specialists today.

What Can Triple Glazing Do for Your Home?

When it comes to window and door glazing, technology continues to advance. The science is well established, and there’s no question that double and triple glazed windows can make a property more energy efficient. It’s clear that triple glazing in Pinner and Harrow can save you money on energy bills while making a difference to your property’s carbon footprint at the same time.

If you live, work or operate in a dated property that isn’t hitting the efficiency marks you’re hoping for, advanced glazing could help. Best of all, triple glazing installation in Pinner is probably much cheaper than you expect.

Advances in technology, materials and reduced costs mean that triple glazing is now the best and most effective way to insulate your home. We have teamed up with our long-term partners at Glass Systems and Duraflex to provide you with the very latest, highest quality energy saving glazing and frames for your home.

Compared to common, aluminium-framed windows with C-rated double glazing in an average gas-heated bungalow/semi detached home, our triple glazing can…

  • Reduce your heating costs by up to £766 a year
  • Lower heat loss at your window, resulting in glass that is 3-4 degrees Celsius warmer
  • Cut condensation by up to 80%
  • Greatly reduce noise pollution
  • Improve Security
  • Cut your CO2 emissions by as much as 4.7 tonnes a year
  • Increase the energy efficiency of your windows by 60%
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If you’d like to learn more about triple glazing and how it can enhance your property, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can visit our triple glazing showroom, send us a message via the website or call us on 020 8429 0383.

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