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Frameless skylight in a modern living room BlogUncategorized
August 30, 2019

Reasons to Upgrade to Double or Triple-Glazed Windows

Low-quality windows can be disastrous for your energy bills, and they also don’t offer a whole lot of protection for other exterior threats, such as burglaries. Upgrading your windows to…
Porch with red door BlogUncategorized
August 12, 2019

Lower Your Energy Bills with New Windows

While many people install new windows at their homes because they are interested in improving the appearance of their property, new windows have another amazing benefit that all homeowners will…
August 8, 2019

You Can Get Windows That Are Both Energy-Efficient and Visually Stunning

It might be worth looking into installing new windows in your home. Your old ones are likely not nearly as efficient as the more modern styles are. Older windows have…
Woman walking through uPVC doors to the garden BlogUncategorized
July 30, 2019

Keep Cool This Summer with Double Glazed Windows

Our climate has continued to change, during the summer months we are regularly experiencing temperatures equivalent to what you’d find in the Mediterranean. Although most of us enjoy the warmer…
A father looking out the window with his children BlogUncategorized
July 19, 2019

Save Energy With Double Glazing

With summer in full swing and with no hint of ending soon, the last thing on your mind is probably how you can save money through your double glazing. But…
Brown porch door with detailed window BlogUncategorized
July 12, 2019

The Advantages of Replacing Old Windows in Your Home

Replacing old windows doesn’t just enhance the look of your property, it also makes your home more comfortable, energy efficient and enjoyable. In addition, new windows make maintenance a lot…
Sliding patio doors BlogUncategorized
June 12, 2019

Double Glazing Equals Energy Efficiency

If you would like to reduce your carbon footprint, effective home insulation is essential and as a majority of the surface area of the average home is glazed, double glazed…
BlogDouble Glazing
April 10, 2019

Benefits of Installing a Front Porch

If you’re looking to modernise your home or add some space there are several things that you can do, however, many homeowners forget that building a porch is even an…
April 10, 2019

Why Install French Doors in Your Home?

French doors have been a popular feature of homes for years, whether you have them in your home or as an exterior door leading into the garden, they can benefit…
April 10, 2019

What The Colour Of Your Front Door Says About You

Your front door is often the first noticeable thing that people see when they arrive outside your house. By being the place where guests are greeted, friends are invited and…
White french doors and windows showing a view of trees BlogUncategorized
March 10, 2019

What is the Difference Between an Average and an Outstanding Replacement Window Installation?

This is a question many UK homeowners ask themselves, as they try to justify the high investment of replacing all the windows and doors in their home, and the short…
March 1, 2019

Discovering unique architecture in Harrow

Discovering a new place or seeing something culturally interesting, rather than experiencing the same old scene, is what brightens up our weekends. So, if you’re one of these people who…
Interior view of leaded window design with trinkets on the windowsill BlogUncategorized
February 20, 2019

Things to do on a cold rainy day in Harrow

With London being such a diverse and huge place, there is never a loss of attractions, activities or adventures to throw yourself into, even in pouring rain or chilly winds.…
Close view of ajar window from the windowsill Blog
February 12, 2019

What are the benefits of triple glazing?

Thinking about getting new windows for your home? In the search for the perfect windows for your house, you’ll come across many different window styles and designs. You’ll also have…
White Patio doors Blog
February 12, 2019

The Difference Between French Doors and Sliding Doors

Keen for more natural light in your home? Choosing the perfect set of patio doors for your property can be a key factor in increasing the amount of light that…
Interior view of window open on one side BlogUncategorized
February 12, 2019

7 ways to increase property value on a budget

If you’re a homeowner looking to boost the value of your property, extensions or renovations are probably the most guaranteed value adds. But, what if you’re on a budget? It…
White Patio doors Blog
February 8, 2019

Why You Should Install Double Glazing In Your Home

Looking for ways to increase the cosiness in your humble abode? Double glazing provides a cosy, secure environment during harsh weather conditions along with many other benefits that include: Cooler…
All white door and white framed windows on brick facade BlogUncategorized
February 1, 2019

Five Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Home Windows

Typically, well maintained and good quality windows should last for up to 20 years. However, like most things in your home, windows can eventually become less efficient and will need…
Blue entrance door BlogUncategorized
December 8, 2018

Tips on choosing the right design of doors for your property

Choosing the right design of doors for your property can be a challenging task. While you want your door to be stylish and to complement the exterior of your property,…
White framed glazed windows BlogDouble Glazing
November 30, 2018

Double and Triple Glazed Windows Cut Back on Bills

According to the Energy Savings Trust (EST), installing energy efficient windows helps to reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bills . Apart from saving money, the EST also reports…
Red porch door with decorative window BlogUncategorized
November 2, 2018


Gain additional discounts on your new windows ordered before Christmas for fitting in January 2019
exterior low view of double glazed windows BlogDouble Glazing
October 30, 2018

The Benefits of Double Glazing for Your Home

As the cold winter days start to creep in, our central heating bills start to rise and anyone who “lets the cold in” is given a warning. Keeping the warmth…
White framed windows on brick facade BlogDouble Glazing
July 25, 2018

Reduce your Energy Consumption in Harrow with Double Glazing

For thousands of years, we have plundered our blue planet and extracted all the resources we need, and it is only in the past two decades that we have begun…
June 14, 2018

Aluminium is making a comeback

Many more people are customizing their homes with high specification aluminium windows. Popular colours are black, anthracite grey and golden brown.Made and installed to last and keep homes warm and…
White framed windows on a white facade BlogDouble Glazing
June 4, 2018

5 Reasons to Get New Windows for Your Harrow Home This Summer

When it comes to getting double glazing, many homeowners only think about it during the winter months, perhaps when they notice a cold chill in their house. But having new…
The Window Centre van outside a commercial building BlogJob Openings
May 8, 2018

Window and Porch Installer

Job Type: Full time position Salary: Per contract Company Benefits: Company vehicle provided. Product familiarisation training Requirements Must be 21yrs+ Must have a full UK driving license Must have a…

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