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Lower Your Energy Bills with New Windows

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While many people install new windows at their homes because they are interested in improving the appearance of their property, new windows have another amazing benefit that all homeowners will love. When you have new windows professionally installed at your home, you can also enjoy energy savings. This will translate to lower monthly bills, which is a great way to make sure that you aren’t going over budget each month when heating and cooling your home. Double glazing is a great way to prevent a lot of the heat from escaping your home during the winter, which will ensure that your energy bills are as low as possible.

Keep Out Draughts

One way that having new windows installed at your home will help to lower your monthly heating bills during the winter is that you won’t have to deal with cold draughts coming into your home. An old window at your home is going to be much more likely to leak and to allow cold air to come around the edges and into your home. While curtains can help to prevent this from occurring, cold air will still find its way into your home, and this will make it chilly in your house. As a result, you will have to run your heating unit for longer to warm up your space.

Prevent Condensation

Both a new window, as well as new doors, can help to prevent condensation from building up inside your home. This can make your home feel not only cooler than normal, but also damp. While this is a hassle because it will require you to run your boiler longer to heat your home, you will also have to deal with the added problem of damp inside your home. When left alone, the damp can form mould and even begin to rot the wood frames on a door or a window.

Keep Your Home Cooling in the Summer

Not only will you enjoy a warmer home in the summer, thanks to new window installation, but you will also enjoy a cooler home in the summer. The reason for this is that the double glazing on the windows will help to block harmful UV rays from entering your home. It’s these rays that not only raise the internal temperature of your home, but also can damage your art, upholstery, and carpet. When you work with a professional company, you won’t have to worry about whether or not your newly installed door or window will provide you with the protection that you need.

When you want to improve the heating and cooling of your home, it’s time to call us, The Window Centre, for professional help and installation. We can make sure that every door and window on your home helps to keep you comfortable and lower your heating and cooling bills. To talk to an expert about how we can help you, call us on 0208 429 0383, or email us at

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