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Keep Cool This Summer with Double Glazed Windows

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Our climate has continued to change, during the summer months we are regularly experiencing temperatures equivalent to what you’d find in the Mediterranean. Although most of us enjoy the warmer weather, we also find it overpowering and sometimes dangerous during heatwaves.

Many homeowners aren’t prepared for extreme heat and most of our domestic fixtures don’t help when it comes to heat regulation.

Causes of Internal Heat

One of the main reasons why our homes start to heat up at night is because of their design features, most UK homes having large expanses of glass on the south facing side of the building.

Instead of installing small south facing windows in our homes, builders tend to fit large windows facing into the sun. This causes our homes to absorb more heat during the day, increasing the temperature inside during the night.

As our homes trap more and more heat, we find it difficult to cool down without leaving air conditioning units and fans on all night.

Cooling Down on Warm Summer Days

Builders must consider their designs when constructing homes with south facing windows, they have the opportunity to build from scratch, giving them the chance to fit more appropriate structures.

Most of us don’t have the luxury of building a new home, so we must deal with poor designs and excessive heat using other methods.

This means choosing the right types of windows and doors for our property, material that helps to reduce heat and stop it from entering our homes.

At The Window Centre, we stock a wide variety of energy efficient windows which are suitable for all kinds of properties. If your porch windows are causing your trouble, our A-rated double glazing is the perfect fix for your home.

Stop the Heat from Rising

Here are three of the best ways to stop your home from getting warm during the day.

  1. Keep Your Windows Closed When It Gets Hot Outdoors
  2. Keep Your Curtains Closed Throughout the Day
  3. Open the Windows When It Gets Cooler Outside

If it is hotter outside than it is inside, logic tells you that if you open your windows, the warmer air will penetrate your building. If you keep your windows and curtains shut, you don’t allow heat into your home.

The best way of keeping the heat out is to install energy efficient glazed panels on your main doors, conservatories, porches and windows.

When shut, a high-quality glazed window won’t allow much heat to enter your premises, especially if remember to close your curtains or blinds.

Our choice of double and triple glazed windows are expertly designed with modern features which significant reduces heat penetration.

So, if you’d like to keep your home cool without having to rely on expensive air conditioning systems, take a look at our extensive range of energy saving windows.

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