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Save Energy With Double Glazing

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With summer in full swing and with no hint of ending soon, the last thing on your mind is probably how you can save money through your double glazing. But this is the time of year you should be dealing with your windows because come winter suppliers and tradespeople are busiest. The Window Centre have been installing double glazing for over 25 years and have put together the below guide on how good quality windows can help you save energy, keep bills down whilst keeping your home cosy and warm.

How heat is lost from your home

The most significant contributor to heat loss is through doors, windows, roof, and floors. You may have seen heat photographs of a house that show roof and windows being the hotspots where heat escapes more rapidly. Cold air entering the home through gaps and circulating within the home is also a contributing factor. Therefore, having good quality double glazing is paramount.

How to reduce heat loss in your home

One obvious way is to continue pumping more heat into the home by turning up the thermostat. But this will not help you save energy or be very kind to your wallet. You could wear extra layers but that’s not practical either. It pays to have a good look at the way heat leaves your home and taking action. In addition to having carpets fitted and hanging heavy curtains, you can reduce heat loss and keep bills down by installing high quality double glazing. The Window Centre install double glazed windows which are certified A-Rated energy efficient products. This means they achieve exceptional U-values, ensuring superior insulation, comfort and money saving for you.

How double glazing works

Two panes of glass – or three in the case of triple glazing – are separated by a spacer bar sealed together using a strong, durable adhesive. The cavity within is filled under vacuum conditions with an inert gas, which prevents condensation and improves insulation. The gas is often argon, which is denser and is considered to be 30 per cent more effective. This process reduces the loss of heat through conduction because argon is a terrible conductor of heat. The airtight seal around the panes is vital which is why you should choose a quality installer like The Window Centre.  In addition to windows, our expert surveyors, fitters, installers and sales team can install porches too.

The difference double glazing can make

Double glazing has been scientifically proven to make a huge difference to a home’s heat loss. The saving to bills can be as much as hundreds of pounds a year and even more with triple glazing. At The Window Centre, we offer a huge range of home improvement products for commercial and domestic clients across North West London. Whether you want to reduce your energy bill with double glazed windows, install a bespoke front porch or enhance your home with a specially designed door, you can count on us. Call us on 020 8429 0383 for a quote today or send your enquiries to




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