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Why Install French Doors in Your Home?

By April 10, 2019Blog

French doors have been a popular feature of homes for years, whether you have them in your home or as an exterior door leading into the garden, they can benefit you in many ways. By allowing more light into your home you’ll soon be making use of spaces that you previously didn’t, but they’re not only great in the summer, during the colder months french doors can add warmth and cosiness to any room. Here we go into more detail about the benefits of having french doors in your home.

What are french doors?

French doors and patio doors are easily confused, but the main difference between the two is how each door opens. French doors open outwards on a hinge (but can be designed to open inwards if you prefer) whereas patio doors slide along a track and open to the side. French doors are usually installed in conservatories, kitchens or even living rooms that back on to the garden, but, it’s become increasingly popular to use them as an interior door between two rooms which are then opened up to create more space.

What’s involved in door installation?

During your initial quote the tradesman should measure the space and get an idea of what style and features you would like. Once you have personalised your french doors and you are happy to go ahead all you need to do is wait for your installation date. How long the installation takes depends if you’re replacing old doors, or having completely new doors fitted, and while it is possible to install french doors yourself it’s always best to hire a professional team. If your home doesn’t already have a space for the doors, this will need to be created by knocking down a proportion of the wall; this means a little more disruption but it’s definitely worth it.

What type of french doors can i have?

There are a whole range of materials and styles that you can choose from when designing your french doors. The Window Centre have an array of decorative glass options and a 10-year guarantee with each installation, so you know you’re true value for money.

  • uPVC: this is usually the cheapest option for french doors but they are still great at insulating your home; they are also easy to keep clean and can last a decade. Since most window frames are made from uPVC, choosing this option means everything will match creating a seamless finish.

  • Aluminium: known for being strong and durable, aluminium french doors are likely to be more resistant to outdoor elements. The framework can also be made in virtually any colour to suit your style. If you’re concerned about the environment, then it’s good to know that aluminium is 100% recyclable and non-toxic; although the long-lasting durability of the material means you don’t need to consider changing them for years.

What are the benefits of having french doors?

If you’re thinking of having french doors installed in your home, then you’re probably wondering how they will benefit you. If you’re looking for a way of brightening up a dark room or perhaps you’d like an additional entrance to your home, then french doors can be a cost effective option.

  • Opens up the space: the large window panels that make up french doors can create the illusion that a room is bigger than it actually is. Dark spaces often appear cramped, but the extra light that glass doors let in will brighten a space and open it up. Of course, if you still want some privacy consider choosing frosted glass or put up voile curtains. French doors can also be great for families with children, as parents can keep a closer eye on their little ones when their playing in the garden or the adjacent room.

  • Brings the outside in: if you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful garden then don’t let it go to waste. French doors can act as a garden door meaning you can have easy access to enjoy the outside all year round, and can even enjoy the view when the doors are closed.

  • Warmer home: french doors can create an ‘airlock’ meaning that warm air will have less gaps to escape from, especially if they are double-glazed. Draught-proof seals will ensure that your home becomes more energy efficient as well as lowering the cost of your bills, particularly in the winter. According to Energy Saving Trust, making sure you close up any draught points is one of the best ways of saving energy; homes that are better insulated are more comfortable at lower temperatures so effectively you should be able to turn down your thermostat.

  • Affordability: if you want to remodel your home but are conscious of how much this could set you back, then french doors could be a great option. Joining two rooms with french doors will bring everything closer without it being completely open plan. Additionally, if you’re a large family then you can still relax is separate rooms without feeling isolated from each other. It’s a quick fix that can completely transform your home.

  • Sound proof: say goodbye to noisy neighbours with sound proofing french doors. If you want to relax without the sound of screaming children or loud music, then french doors are great at blocking out these interruptions.

  • Security: if you’re worried about security, then french doors are usually safer than sliding patio doors. The glass is often thicker on french doors and the fact they swing outwards makes it extremely hard for them to be kicked in. Many people assume that french doors will reduce the security of their home, but, high security locking systems can actually increase safety for your peace of mind.

  • Practicality: as well as creating a bright and enjoyable living space, french doors are also very practical. You’ll be adding extra doors to your home which meaning additional access points. If you have a side gate or path to your garden then this can be very useful. Not to mention, if you’re a regular host then this new spacious entry will be great for parties and gatherings; plus if you don’t have enough garden furniture then even those sitting in the adjacent room won’t feel excluded from the group.

Additional features to look out for

  • Locks: french doors should have a multi-point locking system to ensure they are as secure as possible.

  • Sun spots: unless you’re doing a straight swap from old doors to new, then work with your contractor to figure out which spots are going to receive the most sun, and where is the best place for the doors to be installed.

  • Space: it sounds obvious but make sure you have enough space if you plan on having interior french doors. Although one of the benefits is that french doors can make a space feel bigger, the doors must have enough room to open fully without anything blocking them.

  • Type of glass: there is a variety of different glass you can choose from and the placement of the doors should help you decide. You can add textured or frosted glass for some added privacy, or opt for plain glass if you want to benefit from additional light in the room.

The Window Centre: professional french door installers

With more than 20 years experience in window and door installation, The Window Centre can design and install the perfect french doors for your home. We are proud to be endorsed by Which?, Trusted Traders and Checkatrade so you can rest assured that our team will provide you with a high quality service and expertise. For your free quote or information on where to visit our showroom, contact us today.


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