What The Colour Of Your Front Door Says About You

By April 10, 2019Blog

Your front door is often the first noticeable thing that people see when they arrive outside your house. By being the place where guests are greeted, friends are invited and strangers are welcomed, your front door offers both a practical and aesthetic function that lets your personality shine through. As colour is often the first thing people notice about a door and is intricately linked to how humans associate emotions the colour of your front door is very important!


Red is a passionate colour that emotes a bold and vibrant personality. Red doors have throughout history symbolised ‘welcome’.


An orange door brings a Mediterranean feel to a lot of houses as well as bringing warmth and cosiness.


The majority of people are reinvigorated by being in proximity to nature; this is why we love to garden and have plants around the house. In the same way, a green door brings an organic and healthy vibe to any home.


A yellow door brings a energetic and positive boost to anything’s mood – including your home!

Light Blue

Light blue (or baby blue) reminds people of youth which is why a light blue door is friendly, innocent and welcoming. It is also an optimistic colour that emotes a clear, sunny sky.

Dark Blue

Looking at a dark blue door brings up images of a strong and calm deep, blue ocean and is typically associated with trust and stability.


Grey might seem a dull, featureless colour but it is also dignified and relatively unobtrusive. If you have a fancy or interesting porch, a grey front door might be the ticket to let these features stand out.

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