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Is Double Glazing Worth It?

By April 10, 2019Double Glazing

If you’re in the market for new windows, you’ll notice that there are a number of options available. One of the more common offerings is double glazing. It’s more expensive than single glazing, but there’s a good reason for that. When you choose double glazed windows, you’re getting double the glass!

Double glazed windows are also referred to as double paned glass in some areas. Essentially, they are windows made with two parallel pieces of glass that have a gap in between. The space between may be filled with mere air in many cases, but for extra insulation, argon or xenon – two common inert gases – may be used between the panes instead. These gases prevent the transfer of energy through the glass, so you get much better insulation value.

Since you are getting twice as much glass, it makes sense that this type of window would cost more, and if you add in the inert gases between the panes, you have even more value. But is it really worth spending the extra money?

Advantages of Double Glazing

There are a number of reasons you should consider double glazing for your house windows if you are replacing them or installing new ones in a new home. This method of preparing windows can give you some big advantages over regular single paned windows.

Save Money Over Time: In the moment, double glazed windows will cost you more money than a regular single pane window. This discourages many people from buying them, particularly since outfitting an entire home with new windows can be quite pricy. However, what you really need to consider is how much you’ll save over time.

Imagine reducing your heating bill or your air conditioning bill. It can make a big difference to how much you pay each month, and will allow you to save up in the long run. If you look at the big picture, it makes a lot more sense to opt for double windows.

Increase Energy Efficiency: Are you trying to boost the eco-friendliness of your home or do you just want to reduce your energy bill? Then double glazed is where it’s at. You’ll find the two panes of glass, plus the space between them, provide better insulation for homes. This means less heat escapes on cold days and you’ll use less air conditioning on hot ones. If you live in an extreme climate, it’s particularly helpful to have that extra insulation, but it works in any climate.

Reduce Excess Noise: If you find that the outdoors near your home is loud, these windows can actually help reduce the noise. In fact, choosing high performance double glazed windows could give you up to 60% less noise. For those who live near bars, airports, or other noisy places, these windows can be a lifesaver. They won’t eliminate all the noise, but keeping it down will allow you to live in peace.

Increase Home Value: There are plenty of improvements you can make to boost your home’s value, but this is a nice simple one. If you’re changing the windows anyway, why not take things up a level and get double glazed? It will entice buyers to purchase, since the house is prepared for any weather and designed to be energy efficient.

Reduce Accidents: Windows get broken from time to time, particularly in an active household and neighbourhood. However, with double panes, your glass will be more difficult to break, particularly if you opt for higher security type panes. This means your windows are less likely to break if something accidentally hits them, be it a bird, a ball, or a random rock.

Discourage Intruders: Security is always on the mind of the home owner and double glazed windows can be a good choice for increasing security. It’s much more difficult to break through double paned windows than single. You can also get the windows in laminated glass, or glass that is considerably harder to break through. When you install the windows, be sure to look for windows designed for safety, with secure latches and locking systems.

Prevent Fading: A common issue for many homes is fading. Your furniture, flooring, and even walls, can lose their vibrancy over time when UV rays hit them. If you have a room where there is a lot of sun coming in, you’ll quickly notice undesirable changes. Fortunately, this is preventable. You can use curtains and blinds to shut out the sun completely, but if you enjoy natural light, then double glazed windows can be useful. Choose glass that works to prevent UV rays from passing through and you’ll have less fading while still enjoying the daylight.

Helps Eliminate Condensation: You may have noticed that condensation can be a problem in older homes, as well as newer ones. This is mostly due to moisture creeping into the home via windows and gaps in the walls. The condensation can destroy your home and makes it easier for mould or mildew to take hold.

These can be dangerous in the home and may cause health problems for your family. It can also rot away the wood in your house. Double glazed windows help prevent moisture from getting into the house in the first place, so it’s a good idea to install this window type from the beginning.

As you can see, there are a number of reasons you should consider double glazing for your home or renovation project. While there are certainly higher costs involved, the windows eventually pay for themselves. You’ll find that as they save you money on your energy, the money adds up, making it a worthwhile investment.

New Windows and Window Styles with Double Glazing

These days, most window styles are designed with double or even triple glazing in mind. It’s pretty standard to go with double glazed windows for new construction, but even renovations tend to opt for this type of glass.

Remember that you can choose between regular air gaps or inert gas between the window panes. It may be helpful to visit a showroom so you can see the variety of designs and styles that are available. Some companies offer these online so you can browse their windows in the comfort of your own home.

If you’re working on a renovation project, you’ll want to match the windows as closely as possible to the original style of the home. Finding a company that provides a range of designs will help you get what you need to finish your home renovation in style.

Are Double Glazed Doors a Good Idea?

Windows aren’t the only thing you can double glaze. If you have French doors, or a sliding door, you can glean all the same benefits as windows by opting for double paned. Even smaller sidelights and windows set into a door can be properly doubled up to keep your home secure and energy efficient.

Double glazed doors are much harder to break, which makes them a very good option for large sliding or folding doors that involve a lot of glass. Considering that this type of door is also prone to letting in more noise and heat or cold, doubling up on the glass can help prevent expensive drains on the air conditioning or heating system.

When you purchase both windows and doors from the same company, you will have an advantage. You can find sets that will match each other or complement one another to give your home a nice, cohesive look.

Before you decide to double glaze your home, consider whether or not you need the extra protection. Do you live in an area where it gets very hot or very cold? If so, you could certainly use some help in preventing your energy from just flying out the window, literally.

Security is another issue to think about. While double glazed will help keep burglars at bay, as well, it’s useful for anyone who might have more breakages than usual. For example, if you have children who enjoy playing ball, you want the most durable windows and doors possible. Anyone who has a small child knows how easy it is for a window to break and large glass doors tend to be a dangerous area, as well, for pets and children. By opting for double paned doors and windows, you can prevent quite a few accidents.

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