What is the Difference Between an Average and an Outstanding Replacement Window Installation?

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This is a question many UK homeowners ask themselves, as they try to justify the high investment of replacing all the windows and doors in their home, and the short answer is, attention to detail. If we take a look at the core science of window and door replacement, it is a question of removing rectangular or square frames (usually timber) and replacing them with either uPVC or aluminium units that are double glazed. As no two buildings are identical, the ideal way to go about window and door replacement is for each unit to be fabricated to millimetre-accurate dimensions and with the customer’s choice of opening styles, colour and features, the new doors and windows would fit like a glove.

Interior Reveals

Once the replacement window frame is securely fixed to the window opening, the double-glazed unit can then be fitted, sealed with neoprene and the interior making good can begin. Plaster and either wallpaper or paint will soon restore the inner reveal to its original state, then comes the interior window sill – which would typically be stained mahogany – and finished to a very high standard. Where the window frame meets the plaster, the installers would run a very thin line of high grade silicone, which cushions the very slight movement of the frame due to temperature changes. The finishing side of replacement windows requires attention to detail and this is one indicator of a quality installation, which is why our time-served installation teams pride themselves in their finishing, which is second to none.


It isn’t just a question of how the windows are fitted, indeed your choice of styles, colours and features are many and with the help of our in-house design team, you will select something that will add character and style to the property. Composites offer a maintenance free alternative to traditional timber frames, yet seasoned wood is often the preferred material for a period property, and at The Window Centre, we understand the importance of aesthetics and strive to help our customers complement their home with the perfect double glazing. Stylish and elegant porches offer a cost-effective way to add some living space and aren’t as costly as you might think.

Quality Materials & Fabrication

Aside from the way the units are fitted, one must also take a look at the actual window make-up, which would either be of uPVC or aluminium, while seasoned timber is also popular for rustic properties and the surfaces are guaranteed not to fade, crack or peel and can handle the harsh UK climate. The ideal spacing for a double-glazed window would be 16mm and with hermetical sealing, the argon gas-filled cavity provides an optimum heat loss barrier.

If you would like us to sit down with you and discuss your window and door options, we’d be happy to send one of our experienced design consultants to your home, where you can explore the possibilities. If you’d like to see what we are capable of, our website contains some fine examples of previous projects and together we can design, fabricate and install the perfect double glazing solution that will stand the test of time.

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