What are the benefits of triple glazing?

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Thinking about getting new windows for your home?

In the search for the perfect windows for your house, you’ll come across many different window styles and designs. You’ll also have to decide between double and triple glazing.


First things first, what is the difference between double and triple glazing?

Double glazed windows have two glass panes. These retain heat indoors by trapping air in the space between the two glass panes. This gap is also filled with a poor heat conducting gas, which makes it difficult for heat to escape your house through the windows. This results in your home staying warmer for a longer time. The extra glass panel also keeps noise out.

Triple glazed windows will have three glass panes instead of just two. These serve the same purpose as those of double glazed windows, but they increase the level of heat retention are even more effective at reducing noise pollution.

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of triple glazing to help you decide whether it’s right for you:


Triple glazing can make your home feel warmer as they’re more effective at heat retention

A U Value is the measure of how energy efficient a window is. The lower the U value, the higher the level of thermal efficiency. To give you an idea, single glazed windows that haven’t been replaced for a while could be as high as 5 in their U value.  Double glazed windows that are older could go up to 3, while new double glazing could be around 1.5.

A triple glazed window will have a U value of just around 0.8. This is quite an improvement over double glazed windows. If you’re looking for optimum thermal efficiency, triple glazing is undoubtedly your best bet. If you live in a country where it never really gets that cold, double glazing windows might be sufficient for your needs.


Triple glazing saves you money on your energy bills in the long term by preventing heat loss

Now, the costs for a triple glazed window are higher, but this can also be viewed as an investment. As they’re so efficient at heat retention, you won’t need to run your heating systems for as long. The savings you make in your energy bills over the long term will make the higher upfront investment worth it.

To add to that, the reduced energy consumption will have a positive impact on the environment in the long run, making triple glazed windows an attractive eco-friendly home improvement choice.


Triple glazing can increase the value of your home

Not are triple glazed windows a great choice for keeping your home warmer than the cold seasons. There can also be a positive financial impact on your property in the long-term. Although the installation itself is costly, you can view triple glazing as a long term investment in case you ever want to sell your property one day.

Homes that are equipped with triple glazed windows will be valued more highly as they make the home more comfortable, secure and energy efficient for potential buyers. Quality double glazing will have a similar effect, but single glazing can put buyers off as they will usually just want to avoid the hassle of having to install new windows when they move in.

And before you sell your home, you can enjoy the many benefits of triple glazing yourself!


The extra pane of glass means less noise comes in from the outside than double glazing

This is a huge benefit of getting triple glazing for your windows.  If you live near a busy high street, close to a park , or simply in a noisy area, triple  glazing can significantly reduce the volume of any outside noises coming in. This is simply due to the extra glass pane –  this makes triple glazed windows 30% thicker than double glazed windows and three times thicker than single glazed windows.

You’ll be surprised at how effective triple glazing can be at blocking out noise. You’ll notice an instant change in the sounds in your home as soon as you get it installed. The lack of noise can also result in a great night’s sleep!


Your home will be more secure if your windows are triple glazed as they’re more difficult to break

Worried about potential intruders? Install triple glazed windows and they’re less likely to be able to break in. This is simply due to the additional pane of glass which adds another shield between your home and the outdoors. Not only does this shield your home from the noise, it also makes it a lot more difficult for any burglars or intruders to break through. Triple glazed windows are able to withstand quite a high level of pressure and very difficult to penetrate without making a lot of noise.

In fact, any wannabe intruders that spot your triple glazed windows will already be deterred. They may not even attempt a break in as they’re aware of how difficult it will be to break through all three panes of glass.

Now that we’ve covered the main benefits of triple glazing, let’s take a little look at the cons to help you decide. As mentioned, it is more expensive than double glazing with higher upfront costs. It can, therefore, take longer to get a return on your initial investment. The windows themselves are heavier and could damage your walls and reduce how much light comes into your rooms.

Essentially, a high quality double glazed window could do a similar job to a triple glazed window. But triple glazing provides that extra level of reinforcement of additional security, strength and better heat retention. If those things are of value to you and you live in a cold climate country, it is worth making a higher initial investment and getting triple glazed windows installed in your home.

If you’d like to keep costs down, you could get a combination of triple and double glazed windows installed through your home.

Now that you’re aware of all the pros and cons of triple glazing, let’s move onto the different window styles. Once you’ve decided on the design for you, you can get your new windows fitted in no time.


Different types of window styles

Casement windows:
The most popular style of window in the UK, casement windows can be opened with a hinge on one side

Sliding windows: For a more contemporary style, opt for sliding windows. These are often made o two/three sashes which you simply slide into each other.

Double hung windows: They tilt inwards and have two sashes which can be slid open vertically and cleaned with ease.

Bay windows:
Perfect to look out into sweeping views, bay windows have three frames and the middle one is fixed.

Awning windows: With hinges located at the top, you can swing these windows out so it looks like an awning. They’re ideal for those rooms which require ventilation, such as kitchens or bathrooms.


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