7 ways to increase property value on a budget

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If you’re a homeowner looking to boost the value of your property, extensions or renovations are probably the most guaranteed value adds. But, what if you’re on a budget?

It is still possible to increase your home’s value without spending thousands. Here are 7 ideas to get you started:


Redesign your kitchen

Even if you don’t have the funds for a total overhaul of your kitchen, you could add value to your home by making small changes. For instance, getting unique new tiles fitted or installing new worktop surfaces can refresh the look of your kitchen in an instant.


Additional storage space

Lots of storage space is a huge selling point in a home. Make use of any dead space and build shelves or cupboards. There may be valuable unused nooks and crannies so get inventive and create more space for people to stash their clutter.


A conservatory extension

While this doesn’t sound like a budget idea, the return on investment on adding a conservatory to your home is significant. It introduces a lot of natural light into your home, which is always a selling point. You’ll want a conservatory which blends into your outdoor space to create a spacious feel, for example with the use of sliding doors.


Add a wall to create an additional room

If you don’t have the space or funds to extend to a new bedroom, you could create one by adding a wall in an existing room. This can be much more cost-effective than getting a full-blown extension.


Replace your rear wall with bifold doors

Bifold doors create the feeling of space in an instant, and create a more seamless blend between the indoors and the outdoors. And we all know that space and natural light sells!

Spruce up any outdoor spaces

Do you have an outdoor space that isn’t currently getting much use? Think about how you could make it more appealing. You could set up a balcony garden, or create a seating area. It doesn’t cost much, and potential buyers will then be able to envision how the space will be used.

Add a shed

Like conservatories, a  well designed shed could add more value to your home’s property than the cost to build it. And sheds aren’t just great for storing your clutter. An insulated shed can be used as an extra bedroom, living room, or even a home office.

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