The Benefits of Double Glazing for Your Home

exterior low view of double glazed windows

As the cold winter days start to creep in, our central heating bills start to rise and anyone who “lets the cold in” is given a warning. Keeping the warmth in becomes a priority and with single glazed windows allowing between 50% – 70% of the heat to escape, it makes sense to consider double glazing for your home. And it’s not just keeping the heat in and the cold out, there’s a range of benefits to installing double glazed windows , including saving money.

Reduction of Heat and Sound

Double glazed windows are not just for winter. Normal single glazed windows transfer both noise and heat easily. In the summer, sunlight heats up the house, either causing discomfort or increasing your cooling costs with the use of fans and air conditioning. Any noise from outside – (car alarms, traffic, barking dogs) can be heard indoors. With double glazing there is a gap between the panes, which reduces the transmission of noise and traps either the heat or cold, making a more comfortable environment for you and your family.

More Security

Single glazed windows are easily broken, even without any special tools or weapons. This provides easy access for petty thieves and definitely won’t discourage a professional burglar. Modern double glazed windows and doors can deter any uninvited guests thus giving you greater peace of mind.

Reduced Energy Bills

In the winter, heating bills are probably a topic discussed in every home. Considering how much heat can be lost through single glazed windows , this has a significant affect on heating bills. Since energy costs are always rising and certain fuels are no longer cost-effective, it makes sense to try and reduce your energy bills wherever possible. It is estimated that savings of up to GBP 115 a year are made on an average semi-detached home. Double glazing saves on both heating in winter and cooling in summer, and you’ll appreciate the extra money in your pocket.

Better for the Environment

Climate change and global warming are hot topics at the moment and for good reason. In the past year alone we have seen irregular weather systems wreaking havoc due to the highest temperatures on record. How can your double glazing help? It reduces the amount of green house gas emissions from your home by your lowered heating and cooling costs, in turn lowering your carbon footprint. Sounds like a win-win to us.

Increase the Value of Your Home

An added bonus of installing double glazing means that when you come to sell your home, it will add value to the asking price. Double Glazed windows that are ‘A’ rated are more attractive to a potential buyer. Plus, with an average life span of around 20 years, you know it’s a good investment for the future.

The good news is that any home can be fitted with double glazing and The Window Centre install across homes in Harrow, Pinner and London. Call 020 8429 0383 or email for more information.


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