5 Reasons to Get New Windows for Your Harrow Home This Summer

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When it comes to getting double glazing, many homeowners only think about it during the winter months, perhaps when they notice a cold chill in their house. But having new windows isn’t just of benefit during the cold weather, it can be something to improve your home all year round. If you live in an area such as Harrow or Pinner, you’ll often be facing the heatwaves that hit the south-east, which is why it might be time to make improvements to your home. Here are just a few of the reasons why.

1. Double glazing cools your home too

Double glazing doesn’t just keep your home warm on cold days. The gap in the glass stops the weather conditions from affecting the inside of your property, so on hot days, it can help keep your home cool. That’s why double glazing can make your home more energy efficient all year-round, as it means you use less energy using air conditioning or fans and spend less on summer energy bills.

2. Installation can be easier

Installing double glazing is often easier during the summer months, because:

  • You don’t have to cope with wind and rain while the work is done
  • People often have time off work, so you can let the installers in
  • There’s less chance of interruption by bad weather
  • The days are longer, so there’s more time to get the work done

Summer can be an excellent time for home improvements in general, so when you’re updating your home, it’s worth considering whether to add new windows.

3. They block out noise

Many areas of Harrow and Pinner sit close to major roads, and in the summer months, that can mean a lot of noise. By installing double glazing, you can make your home cooler, which means your windows won’t need to be open as much, and this has the added advantage of blocking out much of the outside noise.

4. You can secure your home

While most areas around Harrow and Pinner have fairly low crime rates, summer is a peak time for burglaries around London. This is because so many people leave their windows half-open or have insecure or old locks. It’s worth considering adding new windows and doors that have extra security, and also looking for extras such as window latches. This will allow you to let the breeze inside, but makes opportunistic thefts so much harder, giving you the best of both worlds.

5. Improve the look of your home

Summer is often the time where people want to improve the look of their home, and new windows or a door can make a big difference. Whether you live in a new build, or one of Pinner’s older period homes, there are windows to suit all sorts of properties, so you can get the look you want.

For windows, doors, and much more in the Harrow and Pinner areas, contact The Window Centre by calling 020 8429 0383, or e-mail enquiries@eehg.co.uk to find out more.

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